WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 18, Quantized Pt.II

Week 18 – Quantized pt. II

Picks up where last week left off.
I like this whole song-fading-into-song thing, dunno how long I can keep it going for, but I’m enjoying working on a new album from left to right.

Thinking of coming back to this one with a friend who plays saxophone and record a couple of stabs in harmony + a wandering solo.

Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition!

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 17, Quantized

Week 17 – Quantized

beginnings of a new larger-scale project
Thanks to Mel for the help w/ harmonies!

Noticing lots of other people around town going for a huge epic sound, spending lots of money in the studio to pull it off.

Trying that big production sound myself on a budget of 0 in an apartment.

Really cool old drum beat I have been wanting to use for a long time – essentially a half-time shuffle with the accent halved again. A quarter-time shuffle I guess. (Whole-time shuffle?)

An Opeth-style outro section. (Just quietly possibly my favourite guitar lead I’ve ever made) – also attempting to fade this track into next week’s.

You don’t know why
But you’ve got nothing at all
You think you’re flying
But you’re in free fall

I heard you got a new song on the radio –
You’re getting played almost every day, I don’t know how it goes.
You’re in tune and on time
Quantized – and holding on the market line.

Yeah it’s good
But I can’t feel it.

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 16, LoopJam2 – Ebow Chords


“Week 16!
Left this one till late – while working on new TSC songs during the week and trying to figure out a seperate project.

I’ve got a cool audio setup for this loop stuff – DI from my guitar, lineout from the Roland (which is playing the loops + Live guitar) and a room mic to capture the beautiful ambience of the loud fridge and traffic’

New Album!

I made an album!


‘Problem Solver’ is about 40 minutes long. It’s essentially 10 of the first 12 weeks of WeeklyBeats 2018 – remixed/made/mastered.
A daunting prospect at the start of the year, and LOTS of work, but I’m really happy with it and I’ve learnt a lot in the process.
I’ve never written much lyrically or done much lead singing so it was a huge learning curve and quite scary putting myself out there in that way – but I can already feel a huge amount of improvement since week 1.
Very happy to have this put together, and to move on to something completely different.
It’s free.
Please listen and feel free to get in touch and give me your thoughts.

Week 11 ‘Diamond in the Rough’

Week 11.

Getting close to having enough material to do a full length release!
Tried to capture a bit of the musician life in a song – Cruising reggae kind of a vibe was lots of fun to produce.
Sunday afternoon sesh + a week of mentally preparing how to make this song without access to any drums. So I layered many many samples together to create something with hopefully the complexity of a real player.

Little secret – a pack of ‘old thirteens’ actually refers to .013 thickness guitar strings. As in – wanting to grab the guitar and skip town. But it also kind of sounds like it might mean many other things, bit proud of the lyric haha.

Thanks for listening!
Rollin’ far away
Goin’ for the coast
Headed for the South
Don’t stop ’till the break of day
Puerto Rican girls
man, I love the Rolling Stones
Skin upon my skin
Bones upon my bones.

Time for me to get goin’
I’ve made up my mind
Pack of old thirteens –
and vagabond green eyes.
Sometimes it’s easier to run
than to fight a battle that can’t be won.

Diamond in the rough
You don’t have to be afraid
(They try to tell ya)
Go and get a real job
(Lemme tell ya)
You’re gettin’ underpaid
Puerto Rican girls
I love the Rolling Stones
Skin upon my skin
Bones upon my bones.

Time for me to get goin’
I’ve made up my mind
pack of old thirteens –
and vagabond green eyes
Sometimes it’s easier to run
Than to stay
And come undone.

(I come undone)

Week 10 – ‘Point to Prove’

10 Weeks!
I’m noticing an improvement in the finished-ness of the last couple of pieces. Getting better at making quick mix / arrangement decisions and also coping with the weird emotional rollercoaster associated with weekly deadlines.

Recorded / processed all the percussion myself and accidentally created a huge bass tone. Turned a very boring/basic idea into something completely different.

Also getting better at just putting SOMETHING down early in the week – and fixing it up into something new if necessary.

Happy with how this one turned out.

Got a notification from a sort-of ex while donating blood – and the lyrics just popped into my head on the drive home.

Thanks for listening!
She don’t give a fuck about you
Don’t waste time on those who doubt you
Let ’em slide
Let ’em fall by the wayside.

Weekly Beats 9/52 ‘Death of a Nurse’

Week 9/52
A punk / rock kind of a jam which tbh I’m very happy with!
I wrote part of this song a while ago and used this week to really piece it together into entirety.
The drums were my friend Anthony – recorded with my 2 NUDE microphones (Ribbon + Condenser) in my dad’s house.


Bass / electric guitars DI and digitally re-amped.
Acoustic guitar I used a Mid/Side recording technique to create a nice wide sound, which i could ‘scoop’ in the middle to make room for the vocals in the mix.

(Using a kind of jazzy chord progression – somehow inspired from Springsteen’s ‘I’m on Fire’)

Lyrically this song has to do with my mum passing away a few years ago – and also, a few of the ideas/thoughts that surround something very difficult like that. But it’s also a fun energetic song and I like it that way.

Thanks for listening!
Well a new year’s coming and it’s coming up fast
Boy start running it’ll kick your ass
Starts out hard and only gets worse
End of a life – death of a nurse.

Heartache, heartache of the realest kind.
Now it’s too late, too late, to say goodbye.
So I’m growing up cold and talking straight
I got big dreams and they can’t wait for you to
pack your bags and walk behind
Never been one to stand in line.

Look at you all
I can’t believe
They were the final words you said

Before you checked your ticket and closed your eyes
I’ll see you on the other side
Starts out hard and only gets worse
End of a life – death of a nurse.

Hold me now and don’t pretend like you don’t know that everything ends.
Hold me now and don’t pretend like you don’t know.

Something to say boy or something to prove?
Risky play, so much to lose
Wet your lips and dry your eyes
Good days make the best goodbyes.

Look at you all
I still believe
She’d be having a ball

Before you checked your ticket and closed your eyes
I’ll see you on the other side
Starts out hard and only gets worse
End of a life – death of a nurse.

Hold me now and don’t pretend like you don’t know that everything ends.
Hold me now and don’t pretend like you don’t know.

WeeklyBeats 8/52 – The Very Best Of – My Washing Machine.


This handpicked, carefully selected excerpt represents some of the finest music concrete to ever grace the ears of the housing co-operative.
The old Simpson, after a career of hits, graces you with possibly its most raucous and energetic performance to date.

Mixed and digitally remastered for all your listening pleasure.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Weekly Beats 2018 6/52 ‘DRDT’


I have a German surname. I like beer. I also live ridiculously close to a local German Club, to which I ventured just before recording this guy.

Though I’ve never been to Germany, I have been as far as the Northern hemisphere once.
Around July-August 2016 I spent close to a month in Nashville. TBH in many ways it was a poor financial investment – I could have spent the money on Bitcoin, for instance.
But I did get to hear first hand the absolute extent to which they take Country music. Let me tell ya folks, it’s pretty full on.
In general the quality of the musicians and local music scene is great and really varied.

I wrote this song around that time – just before I left tbh, but with country music vibes in mind. And then arranged it quite differently in my band – in a big production kinda style.
But I never recorded the solo, stanky version that I originally intended to do – so that’s W6. Again, not technically an original composition, but definitely an original exploration of my electric guitar tone + vocals.

Rode M1 Dynamic on Vox amp
Nude C12 Condenser in a room.

Thanks to Nick for some lyrics on this one!

That German club has very strong beers.

I got an old friend of mine.
She’s been around a long, long time.
I got her back – and she’s got mine
I don’t wanna go, but it’s my time.

And it’s happening again
a thousand times, I’ve been here,
And a thousand more.
I don’t know how and I don’t know when
but I’m already dead –
dead and gone –
down river, downtown, down river, downtown.

I’m getting old before my time
She been ah rollin’ down the line
Tell us a story in all your glory
you’re breaking down
Meet me on the main street,
or on the edge of town.

When I reach my destination
When I’m running on and free
I got my baby by the doorstep –
Think she’s good enough for me

I’m enamored by your dancin
I’m a fool for you

Baby girl when I was gone
down river, downtown.