Weekly Beats 2018 2/52 ‘Katherine’s Song ( My Sister)’

Week 2/52

A fun little thing I wrote for my awesome big sister.
A bluegrass tune!

With my bluegrass band The Lowdown Valley Mountain Boys.
This year’s Weekly Beats is going to be exploring lots of different projects/styles of music – some of which will be very different to each other. I am personally a sneaky fan of bluegrass and it’s a lot of fun to play.

Huge help from my friend Mark Curtis on mando/harmonies.

Mainly recorded live around a Nude C-12 Clone Condenser Mic, with a DI take of all instruments.

My sister
We’re getting older
I hope you know
we’re in this together.

Oh My sister
I do adore ya
Do anything for ya
a helping hand when I’ve been down.

You know it’s true – I do adore ya
Think you’re the best
My sister,
Though I wish you’d
Stop smoking cigarettes.

My sister
From another mister
You got two of your own now,
And five uncles to show them wrong.

My sister
As they’re getting older
I hope you know
We’re in this together.