WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 14, Engel Kvlt – BlkkrsNp▼ =xâö╫, JÑrg Flerg

An early look at a project so heavy, it is heavier than the heaviest heavy metal. No vocals yet and only a layer of noise-drums, with more layers of percussion to come. Arranged through some secret associates of mine based in Norway.

This band has asked me to post this text along with the audio:

“from the depths – the distant reaches. Comes an instrumental voice of pure, christian virtue.
The world’s most infamous and least famous christian black metal band – Engel Kvlt
After living in a sludge filled aquarium of doom and scripture for 33 years, never to return.
Their triumphant return.
Triple Umphant.

“Engel Kvlt (Norwegian for Angel Cult) formed in 1992 under their orignal name Ogvyndksgurgyndvinder, where they played primitive, satanic Black Metal. However, in 1993, the band’s main writer Vlåsgek was severely injured in a botched church burning that triggered an alleged awakening of (the) Jesus within him. Ogvyndksgurgyndvinder’s other member Vlåsgool soon followed his partner into Christendom and they changed their name to Engel Kvlt (Norwegian for Angel Cult) and altered their sound to a more primitive Black Metal and released their cult album “Jesus Ist Krieg”. The album only exists in the realm of recording, for Engel Kvlt never played a live show. Indeed, no one has ever knowingly laid eyes on Vlåsgool and Vlåsgek (or the session drummer for the album, Vlåsmidi, who is said to be currently living in Peru). Shortly after the release of “Jesus Ist Krieg” (which was only released on vinyl and limited to 4 copies) Engel Kvlt disappeared entirely as rumours of a feud between the two band members circulated. It is said that Vlåsgool and Vlåsgek disagreed over the religious intensity of their music and, during a culminative argument, Vlåsgek was shot in the face.”

BlkkrsNp▼ =xâö╫, JÑrg Flerg

Vlåsgëk the Incestinator – Guitars, Bass, Vocals,
Vlåsgøöl the Intestinator – Vocals, Lyrics,
Vlasmidi – Drums.