Weekly Beats 2018 1/52 ‘House of Leaves’


Week 1 of 52!

Tried out many different things on this piece – vocals, acoustic guitar, Bass MIDI drums and keys, all sorts of effects. Field recording of some monks chanting.
Basically trying to use WB2018 to experiment on simple acoustic recording + found sound and electronic production. Took week 1 as an opportunity to try many of the basic ideas I want to explore over the year.

Acc guitar = NUDE ribbon mic + some post effects because I forgot to get a DI recording and liked the take.
Vocals = NUDE condenser mic
drums = MIDI triggered clicks and scratches from a ‘Hardware Store’ sound pack.

This one’s 100% me

Happy 2018 let’s get crunk

I can hear the sound
This house of leaves, it’s burning down
Like a wildfire burning faster we’re out of control
I can see it on the road, I can hear it on the radio.

Five birds and three stones
She’s drunk again and I’m stoned
Too dark to know if I’ve been wronged
I can see it on your face, I can hear it on the telephone

It’s eleventh of July
Time’s flying by
It’s eleventh of July.