Weekly Beats 2018 6/52 ‘DRDT’


I have a German surname. I like beer. I also live ridiculously close to a local German Club, to which I ventured just before recording this guy.

Though I’ve never been to Germany, I have been as far as the Northern hemisphere once.
Around July-August 2016 I spent close to a month in Nashville. TBH in many ways it was a poor financial investment – I could have spent the money on Bitcoin, for instance.
But I did get to hear first hand the absolute extent to which they take Country music. Let me tell ya folks, it’s pretty full on.
In general the quality of the musicians and local music scene is great and really varied.

I wrote this song around that time – just before I left tbh, but with country music vibes in mind. And then arranged it quite differently in my band – in a big production kinda style.
But I never recorded the solo, stanky version that I originally intended to do – so that’s W6. Again, not technically an original composition, but definitely an original exploration of my electric guitar tone + vocals.

Rode M1 Dynamic on Vox amp
Nude C12 Condenser in a room.

Thanks to Nick for some lyrics on this one!

That German club has very strong beers.

I got an old friend of mine.
She’s been around a long, long time.
I got her back – and she’s got mine
I don’t wanna go, but it’s my time.

And it’s happening again
a thousand times, I’ve been here,
And a thousand more.
I don’t know how and I don’t know when
but I’m already dead –
dead and gone –
down river, downtown, down river, downtown.

I’m getting old before my time
She been ah rollin’ down the line
Tell us a story in all your glory
you’re breaking down
Meet me on the main street,
or on the edge of town.

When I reach my destination
When I’m running on and free
I got my baby by the doorstep –
Think she’s good enough for me

I’m enamored by your dancin
I’m a fool for you

Baby girl when I was gone
down river, downtown.

WeeklyBeats 2018. (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the C-Bomb.)

–Language Warning–


Here in South Australia we have a particularly democratising approach to swearing. The language is the people’s, especially the four letter words.

Some people and some circumstances suit this approach more than others. Among friends, basically anything goes.

I have memories of absolutely horrifying Americans while trying to explain the endearing nature of a well-dropped C-bomb.

Their loss tbh.


‘So many cunts wanna be musicians but fuckin’ fuck all actually put out regular content. It’s like – whaddaya mean cunt?  Even if they’re fuckin’ sick, like it’s 2018 you have to put shit out there on the reg.’

Words of wisdom from a good friend.


With that in mind 25395936_1592448970810751_2565405392949409549_n

WeeklyBeats 2018.

A 52 week challenge. A song per week, started and finished from scratch. I’m going to piggyback of WB2018 to get this blog cranking regularly, post vids and pictures to Insta and (hopefully) roll into 2019 with 52 weeks of momentum.

I’ll detail my approach/studio setup and overarching ideas for the year later – the main goals however are:

1 – To finish all 52 weeks.

2 – To release 4 seperate 13 track Albums

3 – For all 4 albums to be vastly different in terms of production and genre

4 – For all four albums to hopefully be half decent.

5 – To collaborate with lots of other musicians in the process

6 – To document the process and share any ideas/experiences I feel might help others in their musical journey.


Yes cunts let’s do this!