Weekly Beats 2018 4/52 ‘Guns and Steel.’

Week 4. A month has gone by!

(It has taken me a month to get this blog together. Finally I’m uploading in real-time.)
I wanted to use a specific technique I’d heard in a few songs I love, where you just piece 2 or 3 completely seperate ideas together and that’s the song. Band on the run is a good example, or Hours of Wealth by Opeth.
So here’s a bit of a tricky one
It was ‘Australia Day’ during this week, with lots of interesting topics floating around. Public consciousness is 2018 is a pretty cool phenomenon.
I headed home after hanging with some friends during the afternoon to work on the track – gotta put in dem hours – and wrote some stream-of-consciousness lyrics, and figured I’d embrace the Aussie accent on the vocals.
I think different accents can suit different styles of music in varying degrees.

Are you other WB2018ers planning to ‘release’ their tracks as an album or something like that?
I think i’ll start exporting these updates to a blog or insta account and also add some visual element. If anyone does something similar plz let me know so I can check out your stuff and support your account smile

Guns and Steel
All out so soon
Friends are jumping around
You’re not around
Like water, shorting out a circuit board – Australian made
A country lost and found.
Sunburnt and homesick
There’s people in the streets – too many to count.
Have I found home?
I haven’t found your lord

Weekly Beats 2018 3/52 ‘Run and Carry’

Week 3/52 Run and Carry

A song idea that didn’t work a while ago in my band, I love that guitar riff too much to not use it. –  Perhaps bit off a bit more than I could chew (I forget how quick a week can go by). Big thanks to Tom and Anthony for helping out with vox + drums.

I haven’t really gone for a project yet that uses live drums, so that was a challenge (I live in an apartment block), but fun. It helps when the drums / drummer have great tone to begin.
(NUDE C-12Clone Condenser + the NUDE ribbon mic for drum sound.)

Experimented with some wack vocal harmonies. I don’t always like recording my own voice tbh but getting used to it. Hearing myself back is funny/painful sometimes but I’m definitely having more fun with it. However, there is a 100% chance of me doing some songs without vocals haha.

Lots of synths
Way too much time on this song, I might go back to something simple next week. Spend less time making the piece and more time listening to what everyone else is doing smile

I will likely come back and re-mix this one with a fresh ear down the track.
Thanks for listening!!!! Peace

Thunder, and heavy rain
Couldn’t hold me back, or keep me away
I’m running straight towards it, a burning sun
I know I’m not (no I’m not) the only one.

False love, and prison chains
Couldn’t tie her down – she’s wasted so many days
How could we be so fucking blind?
It’s not wasted love, but wasted time.

As your fragile love, turned away from me
Where my eyes had lost your shadow by the sea –
Bring me home
Bring me peace.
Coz every day I travel farther from you – and I admit defeat.

Weekly Beats 2018 2/52 ‘Katherine’s Song ( My Sister)’

Week 2/52

A fun little thing I wrote for my awesome big sister.
A bluegrass tune!

With my bluegrass band The Lowdown Valley Mountain Boys.
This year’s Weekly Beats is going to be exploring lots of different projects/styles of music – some of which will be very different to each other. I am personally a sneaky fan of bluegrass and it’s a lot of fun to play.

Huge help from my friend Mark Curtis on mando/harmonies.

Mainly recorded live around a Nude C-12 Clone Condenser Mic, with a DI take of all instruments.

My sister
We’re getting older
I hope you know
we’re in this together.

Oh My sister
I do adore ya
Do anything for ya
a helping hand when I’ve been down.

You know it’s true – I do adore ya
Think you’re the best
My sister,
Though I wish you’d
Stop smoking cigarettes.

My sister
From another mister
You got two of your own now,
And five uncles to show them wrong.

My sister
As they’re getting older
I hope you know
We’re in this together.

Weekly Beats 2018 1/52 ‘House of Leaves’


Week 1 of 52!

Tried out many different things on this piece – vocals, acoustic guitar, Bass MIDI drums and keys, all sorts of effects. Field recording of some monks chanting.
Basically trying to use WB2018 to experiment on simple acoustic recording + found sound and electronic production. Took week 1 as an opportunity to try many of the basic ideas I want to explore over the year.

Acc guitar = NUDE ribbon mic + some post effects because I forgot to get a DI recording and liked the take.
Vocals = NUDE condenser mic
drums = MIDI triggered clicks and scratches from a ‘Hardware Store’ sound pack.

This one’s 100% me

Happy 2018 let’s get crunk

I can hear the sound
This house of leaves, it’s burning down
Like a wildfire burning faster we’re out of control
I can see it on the road, I can hear it on the radio.

Five birds and three stones
She’s drunk again and I’m stoned
Too dark to know if I’ve been wronged
I can see it on your face, I can hear it on the telephone

It’s eleventh of July
Time’s flying by
It’s eleventh of July.

WeeklyBeats 2018. (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the C-Bomb.)

–Language Warning–


Here in South Australia we have a particularly democratising approach to swearing. The language is the people’s, especially the four letter words.

Some people and some circumstances suit this approach more than others. Among friends, basically anything goes.

I have memories of absolutely horrifying Americans while trying to explain the endearing nature of a well-dropped C-bomb.

Their loss tbh.


‘So many cunts wanna be musicians but fuckin’ fuck all actually put out regular content. It’s like – whaddaya mean cunt?  Even if they’re fuckin’ sick, like it’s 2018 you have to put shit out there on the reg.’

Words of wisdom from a good friend.


With that in mind 25395936_1592448970810751_2565405392949409549_n

WeeklyBeats 2018.

A 52 week challenge. A song per week, started and finished from scratch. I’m going to piggyback of WB2018 to get this blog cranking regularly, post vids and pictures to Insta and (hopefully) roll into 2019 with 52 weeks of momentum.

I’ll detail my approach/studio setup and overarching ideas for the year later – the main goals however are:

1 – To finish all 52 weeks.

2 – To release 4 seperate 13 track Albums

3 – For all 4 albums to be vastly different in terms of production and genre

4 – For all four albums to hopefully be half decent.

5 – To collaborate with lots of other musicians in the process

6 – To document the process and share any ideas/experiences I feel might help others in their musical journey.


Yes cunts let’s do this!

Hello World.

I’m creating a central point from which I can share my music, assorted media, links, pieces I’m enjoying, lessons and teaching resources, text and any other projects I want to share.

Mainly for ease of access to my WeeklyBeats 2018 project (more on that in a seperate post). But also for guitar tablature/transcription for my guitar students – and just to create a regular practice of publishing content.

More to come.