Weekly Beats 2018 3/52 ‘Run and Carry’

Week 3/52 Run and Carry

A song idea that didn’t work a while ago in my band, I love that guitar riff too much to not use it. –  Perhaps bit off a bit more than I could chew (I forget how quick a week can go by). Big thanks to Tom and Anthony for helping out with vox + drums.

I haven’t really gone for a project yet that uses live drums, so that was a challenge (I live in an apartment block), but fun. It helps when the drums / drummer have great tone to begin.
(NUDE C-12Clone Condenser + the NUDE ribbon mic for drum sound.)

Experimented with some wack vocal harmonies. I don’t always like recording my own voice tbh but getting used to it. Hearing myself back is funny/painful sometimes but I’m definitely having more fun with it. However, there is a 100% chance of me doing some songs without vocals haha.

Lots of synths
Way too much time on this song, I might go back to something simple next week. Spend less time making the piece and more time listening to what everyone else is doing smile

I will likely come back and re-mix this one with a fresh ear down the track.
Thanks for listening!!!! Peace

Thunder, and heavy rain
Couldn’t hold me back, or keep me away
I’m running straight towards it, a burning sun
I know I’m not (no I’m not) the only one.

False love, and prison chains
Couldn’t tie her down – she’s wasted so many days
How could we be so fucking blind?
It’s not wasted love, but wasted time.

As your fragile love, turned away from me
Where my eyes had lost your shadow by the sea –
Bring me home
Bring me peace.
Coz every day I travel farther from you – and I admit defeat.