Weekly Beats 2018 4/52 ‘Guns and Steel.’

Week 4. A month has gone by!

(It has taken me a month to get this blog together. Finally I’m uploading in real-time.)
I wanted to use a specific technique I’d heard in a few songs I love, where you just piece 2 or 3 completely seperate ideas together and that’s the song. Band on the run is a good example, or Hours of Wealth by Opeth.
So here’s a bit of a tricky one
It was ‘Australia Day’ during this week, with lots of interesting topics floating around. Public consciousness is 2018 is a pretty cool phenomenon.
I headed home after hanging with some friends during the afternoon to work on the track – gotta put in dem hours – and wrote some stream-of-consciousness lyrics, and figured I’d embrace the Aussie accent on the vocals.
I think different accents can suit different styles of music in varying degrees.

Are you other WB2018ers planning to ‘release’ their tracks as an album or something like that?
I think i’ll start exporting these updates to a blog or insta account and also add some visual element. If anyone does something similar plz let me know so I can check out your stuff and support your account smile

Guns and Steel
All out so soon
Friends are jumping around
You’re not around
Like water, shorting out a circuit board – Australian made
A country lost and found.
Sunburnt and homesick
There’s people in the streets – too many to count.
Have I found home?
I haven’t found your lord