WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 35 ‘Kitty Kat Blues’

Week 35 ‘Kitty Kat Blues’

Last few weeks I’d been working on more samply/audio editing based tracks, so I enlisted the help of my mate and drummer extraordinaire Anthony to just do a blues track.
Kind of an ode to strippers
This was a single condenser mic in figure 8 pattern – capturing guitar amp + kick, with the Z00m H4n acting essentially as an overhead mic. Recorded vocals seperately. Really trying to steal some of that fred mcdowell + black keys vibe, and get a fat heavy sound but kind of friendly too. I personally really like the end result and think it’s a great way to do things!

A really fun project to mix
Thanks for listening! – huge shout out to Devieus who I just realised has basically left a comment on every track i’ve done for the year! That’s awesome and v much appreciated

Thanks for listening!
We’ll take the low road
No gods, No Masters
I gotta go
Push it push it push it faster

She’s workin’ hard – harder than it seems
Kitty kat
She’s workin’ hard all night – harder than it seems
I swear
When i came in here – my wallet was bursting at the seams.

Take the low road
No Gods, no Masters
I gotta go
Push it push it push it faster.

Earn that money, earn that money money
Pretty girl you’ve got what I need
But I get the dreams for free

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 34, Spring Chords

Week 34- ‘Spring Chords’

A short chord progession on the acoustic guitar expanded in a few different ways. One of my favourite ever chord progressions tbh and very fun to play. Couldn’t think of any fitting vocals, so I decided to go with a Bonobo-ish kind of arrangement.
As always, huge fan of a twist ending.

Thanks for listening!


WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 33, Southbound

Week 33 – ‘Southbound’

Back after a 7 week hiatus – a Sunday Special.
Pieced this thing together in one afternoon from some old words I wrote a long time ago – driving from near Byron Bay to Sydney. Scared of my dodgy 1986 van’s speed-wobbles and thinking about music and travel.
Likely come back to this in the future and re-scrub a few rough edges for a seperate release, but I’m happy with the result smile

I’m thinking of presenting my own personal WeeklyBeats 2018 – Best Of show, at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival, with a live band and some sort of visual element. Recounting this years’ experience, and also coming home strong after missing a chunk of songs in the middle of this year.

Thanks for listening!
Boosting on the A1
Things are always changing,
Good things have just begun.
Of a fiery death flash past –
But I’ve gotta drive fast.
I’ve got a show to make and she’s waiting.
In the back of my mind –
Where I’ll always find her.

Lightfoot and well fed.
Like a raging bull, charging where I turn my head.
Changing lanes in the pouring rain.
Coming in hot!
And making it back again.
Sydney side
Lookin’ down the harbour.

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 23, RibbonTone

Week 23 – RibbonTone

My DI + a stereo ribbon mic, = my favourite acoustic guitar sound atm. When mixed with other instruments it’s easy to get rid of the boominess if it’s taking up too much of the mix, but on it’s own it can sound strong as.
Out of a bunch of jamming and experimenting I came up with like 90 seconds of a new song, which is my upload this week.


WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 22, Nola

Week 22 – Nola

unexpected side effect of my current production setup is the tendency for sessions to get far more complex than I anticipate
so here’s week 22.

With a New Orleans style sticking pattern on the drums, this thing sort of turned into a slow, dark, Prince style track? Reminds me a bit of ‘Controversy’ if you played the vinyl back at 2/3 speed. With a vocal and guitar performance somewhere in the distant shadows of Prince tbh.

Not quite sure how to describe it.

Lots of layers and a really big mix. Some really pretty harp/string sounds from Freesound floating all over this one and a staunch 1 note bass line.

Simple tracks soon, this one was a lot of work!

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 21, Nawlins Beat Draft

Week 21 – Nawlins Beat Draft

A 3 day trip to melbourne over the weekend (normally I get these done Sunday night) means all I can do this week is upload the early stages of a potentially 4-5 minute long song with a lot more changes and arrangement yet to come. I really like this one already so I’ll definitely follow it through to completion, but for week 21 you get to hear it in it’s rough unfinished glory

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 18, Quantized Pt.II

Week 18 – Quantized pt. II

Picks up where last week left off.
I like this whole song-fading-into-song thing, dunno how long I can keep it going for, but I’m enjoying working on a new album from left to right.

Thinking of coming back to this one with a friend who plays saxophone and record a couple of stabs in harmony + a wandering solo.

Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition!

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 17, Quantized

Week 17 – Quantized

beginnings of a new larger-scale project
Thanks to Mel for the help w/ harmonies!

Noticing lots of other people around town going for a huge epic sound, spending lots of money in the studio to pull it off.

Trying that big production sound myself on a budget of 0 in an apartment.

Really cool old drum beat I have been wanting to use for a long time – essentially a half-time shuffle with the accent halved again. A quarter-time shuffle I guess. (Whole-time shuffle?)

An Opeth-style outro section. (Just quietly possibly my favourite guitar lead I’ve ever made) – also attempting to fade this track into next week’s.

You don’t know why
But you’ve got nothing at all
You think you’re flying
But you’re in free fall

I heard you got a new song on the radio –
You’re getting played almost every day, I don’t know how it goes.
You’re in tune and on time
Quantized – and holding on the market line.

Yeah it’s good
But I can’t feel it.