WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 13, JazzEmUp

Week 13/52
Little diddly in E(b) minor.
Very short of time this week so this is a quick and rough setup – but I also used my camera to film it. Going to use this simple setup to film and record a bunch of guitar stuff for my social media.
Here’s to the second quarter of 2018!
Lots of guitar instructional vids / loop jams / practice diary stuff planned. some of which might make it into WB.
Also going to explore some other really different styles of music.

It’s gonna get weird for sure
Thanks for listening!

Weekly Beats 2018 2/52 ‘Katherine’s Song ( My Sister)’

Week 2/52

A fun little thing I wrote for my awesome big sister.
A bluegrass tune!

With my bluegrass band The Lowdown Valley Mountain Boys.
This year’s Weekly Beats is going to be exploring lots of different projects/styles of music – some of which will be very different to each other. I am personally a sneaky fan of bluegrass and it’s a lot of fun to play.

Huge help from my friend Mark Curtis on mando/harmonies.

Mainly recorded live around a Nude C-12 Clone Condenser Mic, with a DI take of all instruments.

My sister
We’re getting older
I hope you know
we’re in this together.

Oh My sister
I do adore ya
Do anything for ya
a helping hand when I’ve been down.

You know it’s true – I do adore ya
Think you’re the best
My sister,
Though I wish you’d
Stop smoking cigarettes.

My sister
From another mister
You got two of your own now,
And five uncles to show them wrong.

My sister
As they’re getting older
I hope you know
We’re in this together.