Time flies

Fark where did the last 20 weeks go

I’ve been keeping up (mostly) with WB2018 and lots of music projects – but been very slack on updating this blog. I think a lack of instant-gratification has to do with it, but I’m bringing it back into the workflow of my weekly upload.

First to catch up the last 20 ish weeks I’ve missed of WB uploads.

Long story short, moved towards doing guitar-loop pedal stuff for a while, went to melbourne for a month which killed the project temporarily, and upon return made a few of my favourite pieces for the year.

Atm still bugger all traffic on this site so I’m really uploading for science rather than any community, but I’m working towards lots of new projects and I hope 6 months from now to have this bad boy cranking along with a couple socials accounts – doing WB, live performances, teaching guitar lessons and also getting into audio licensing.

WeeklyBeats 2018 – Week 13, JazzEmUp

Week 13/52
Little diddly in E(b) minor.
Very short of time this week so this is a quick and rough setup – but I also used my camera to film it. Going to use this simple setup to film and record a bunch of guitar stuff for my social media.
Here’s to the second quarter of 2018!
Lots of guitar instructional vids / loop jams / practice diary stuff planned. some of which might make it into WB.
Also going to explore some other really different styles of music.

It’s gonna get weird for sure
Thanks for listening!

New Album!

I made an album!


‘Problem Solver’ is about 40 minutes long. It’s essentially 10 of the first 12 weeks of WeeklyBeats 2018 – remixed/made/mastered.
A daunting prospect at the start of the year, and LOTS of work, but I’m really happy with it and I’ve learnt a lot in the process.
I’ve never written much lyrically or done much lead singing so it was a huge learning curve and quite scary putting myself out there in that way – but I can already feel a huge amount of improvement since week 1.
Very happy to have this put together, and to move on to something completely different.
It’s free.
Please listen and feel free to get in touch and give me your thoughts.

Week 12/52 ‘Rose of Adelaide Town’


Week 12!
A hectic week + drinking + a solo gig on Friday means I tried to whip this one out late on Sunday.
Might try and re-visit the vocals on this one soon when my voice isn’t hacked / when I’ve arranged a couple other parts to fill it out without stepping on the guitar part.
So not totally satisfied w/ the ‘arrangement’ / ‘production’ – but I’m super happy with the lyrics and music itself. 🙂

Fairly simple/groovy chords for the main part, in the ballpark of ‘Roxanne’ and ‘Rosanna’ by the Police / Toto.

The chord progession in the bridge section is pretty complex and is one of my favourite things to play ever 🙂 –

(Gm / Em7b5 / A / DbDim / Dmin / GbDim)

(Gm / Em7b5 / A / DbDim / Dmin – C // Bm7b5 / E / AbDim / Amin / DbDim)

(Dmin / Bm7b5 / E / AbDim / Amin / DbDim / Dmin / D7)


Almost 1/4 the way through the year and really setting a few basic ‘steps’ in my composition/production process has helped heaps – I’m learning more and more about the sound of my microphones and rooms and I think the acoustic guitar tone in this song is my favourite I’ve got this year.

Note – my dad actually came up with the ‘rose of Adelaide town’ lyric, in a different context, and I found myself singing it so I put it in there with his permission smile

For Grace –
Rose – Of Adelaide town
You don’t know what you’ve got going down.
Ya got style and Grace – your smile, your face
It drives me wild
It’s like nothing before
At night you come alive
Taking it back to your place or mine.

Rose of Adelaide town
Sometimes you get down
But you’ll come back around.
Coz you’ve been through pain
But you smile again –
You’ve so much love to give
It’s the best of you.

So I write these lines
With you in mind, and on my mind
Too much of the time.
Too much of the time.
Just a little too much
Just a little too much
Of the time.

I know I can take it, is that all it costs?
Just a little too much?
But too much of what?
Too much of the real thing
Too much of a good thing – is never enough.
So when it get’s rough
I know you can take it, I think you might like it.
Anything goes.
Only if you say so.

Rose of Adelaide town.

WeeklyBeats 2018 7/52 ‘Gasoline’

A short and melancholy finger-picking diddly, based around some chords I’ve liked for ages.
I think as part of this group of WB songs I’ll also write up some guitar transcriptions for the eventual bundle/release. I’ll also do some guitar videos – though the microphone on my phone is useless – so that might have to wait till I figure something better out.
I’m going back during the weeks now and working on my previous songs – adding parts / remastering them, and the difference is huge! Starting to get comfortable with the idea of releasing these tracks in such a rush – especially now that I’ve heard some of them with the polish that comes from a bit of extra time.
Thanks for listening!


Is this everything you’ve ever wanted?
We’ve come so far
I know at times you get so lost and daunted –
but look where we are.

And it’s always
Cookin’ in the back of my mind.
I keep on looking and looking –
But I don’t find it.

And I’ll go running round the streets where I grew up
Without you
And I still dream of lighting gasoline
and busting out.

Now we’re running up and round the garden –
of branching paths.
Read the signs we don’t know where we’re going
Too much to ask.

And it’s always,
playin’ in the back of my mind.
I keep on looking and looking
but I don’t find it.

Weekly Beats 2018 5/52 ‘St Paul’s Piano’

Week 5/52

WeeklyBeats is hosted somewhere else around the world – and the resulting time zone difference means that the ‘week’, from my location in South Australia, ends at 1030am on a Monday morning, instead of Sunday midnight.

Which is lucky because I’d planned to do a lo-fi guitar recording last night, but was instead drunk and dancing to techno at midnight.

I may have slightly contravened the WB rules regarding a ‘new’ song every week because this piece is pretty old, but considering I did write a new piece and just got drunk and didn’t record it… and the overarching reason I’m doing this project is to consistently put out content, I don’t really care.

This project – the hip-hop vibe made in collab with my friend Michael, is going to feature strongly in WB2018, but not before I’ve finished some more solo guitar stuff to give myself a personal Album which I can sell and promote.


“Made with the help of a good friend M Ellingford.
Instrumental hip-hop piano vibes – I love the sound so expect more. ”



Hello World.

I’m creating a central point from which I can share my music, assorted media, links, pieces I’m enjoying, lessons and teaching resources, text and any other projects I want to share.

Mainly for ease of access to my WeeklyBeats 2018 project (more on that in a seperate post). But also for guitar tablature/transcription for my guitar students – and just to create a regular practice of publishing content.

More to come.