Time flies

Fark where did the last 20 weeks go

I’ve been keeping up (mostly) with WB2018 and lots of music projects – but been very slack on updating this blog. I think a lack of instant-gratification has to do with it, but I’m bringing it back into the workflow of my weekly upload.

First to catch up the last 20 ish weeks I’ve missed of WB uploads.

Long story short, moved towards doing guitar-loop pedal stuff for a while, went to melbourne for a month which killed the project temporarily, and upon return made a few of my favourite pieces for the year.

Atm still bugger all traffic on this site so I’m really uploading for science rather than any community, but I’m working towards lots of new projects and I hope 6 months from now to have this bad boy cranking along with a couple socials accounts – doing WB, live performances, teaching guitar lessons and also getting into audio licensing.

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