Weekly Beats 2018 5/52 ‘St Paul’s Piano’

Week 5/52

WeeklyBeats is hosted somewhere else around the world – and the resulting time zone difference means that the ‘week’, from my location in South Australia, ends at 1030am on a Monday morning, instead of Sunday midnight.

Which is lucky because I’d planned to do a lo-fi guitar recording last night, but was instead drunk and dancing to techno at midnight.

I may have slightly contravened the WB rules regarding a ‘new’ song every week because this piece is pretty old, but considering I did write a new piece and just got drunk and didn’t record it… and the overarching reason I’m doing this project is to consistently put out content, I don’t really care.

This project – the hip-hop vibe made in collab with my friend Michael, is going to feature strongly in WB2018, but not before I’ve finished some more solo guitar stuff to give myself a personal Album which I can sell and promote.


“Made with the help of a good friend M Ellingford.
Instrumental hip-hop piano vibes – I love the sound so expect more. ”



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