The Skeleton Club – Alberton EP

TSC released a record this month!

We recorded the 5 tracks in Melbourne at Oaklands Studios with Beau McKee. It was heaps of fun and many good memories were made. We hired a charmingly-dodgy shithole of an AirBnB in Richmond. Some ate UberEats and went to bed early, some stayed up all night getting weird. Hint – direct correlation with girlfriends.

The process verged on being rushed – but I think we got heaps done in a small amount of time. We even had some horn players come in on a dime and lay down horns on track 3.

The end result is, in my opinion, very profesh sounding and I’m super proud of it. I learnt a lot and think we could do some things better next time / would love to explore different approaches. All things considered though, I reckon Alberton is a really good piece and it’s so good to have it out so we can finally show people recordings which sound like us!

I’m going to upload some videos of guitar play-throughs because a couple of these guitar parts I’m also very happy with and would love to put them up online for science. Tabs to follow.


Please have a listen and buy the CD if you like it!

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